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me: *sticks hand out in a vaguely pet-like manner*


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if i ever die please spread wildly unbelieveable tales of my acheivements, conflicting accounts of my personality, morph all descriptions of me into the unholy - i require 2 be entirely unkown. thanks

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hey! do u love urself? cool! not quite there yet? i'm proud of u, keep up the great work!

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the life just b like You Are Compelled To Do As Much Shit As Possible While Finishing Nothing

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i hate managing 4 accounts i can see why thell won't let us have more

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i have 5 so theres just like two i dont use

i can only handle 3

thell knew,.,.,.

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Reasons i want to start playing DnD

  • dicee Pretttyyyyyy

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i'm blue yabbadeedabbadie

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im baby! time to go commit crimes

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to love yourself is punk 
and to be punk is to love yourself


i was busy thinkin bout [GIRLS]


Munch munch


once i wanted to make really cartoony stylized trees and ya know what i still think they are cute

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Andy Lovell (British, b. 1964) - 3 dozen Red Roses, silkscreen prin, 29 x 29 cm cm

source : http://andylovell.co.uk/porfolio-2/ 

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Rotten Business

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bitches b like “i am worthy of love” n they’re right. 

fungus asked:

have you listened to human petting zoo?

never heard it before but ill look into it!!

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i could survive the bubonic plague

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rip to the entirety of 14th century europe but i’m different

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im not like other plague victims