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AngelTea / Nine

Inktober #19: Sling


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ferals, spikeboyfriend on tumblr

Inktober day 1: Ring

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i think i will just sit in a hole 

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thats what I'm TALKING ABOUT BABY!

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th way i doodle catz iz very :)

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these are the inktober prompts i'm using. no i do not take criticism

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hozier is a giant adorable fey

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i'm gonna make a story about angels *realizes i can't draw wings* wait no


while I try to figure out how to finish another drawing have a formal Imani. 

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i LOVE art like this.

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you ever feel like the current human body you inhabit isn't enough? like you want to possess something More?

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put ur own art up on ur walls as an act of self love

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i may be the only one qualified to reorganize the chairs of a sinking ship

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I feel like I don’t take enough pictures of Megan, even tho she’s the one who sits with me the most. So here’s a picture of my baby. 

Me, at the nurse because i feel terrible all other achey and sleep have swollen knees and feel downright terrible: maybe im faking?????????

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commission for a friend (who isn't on waterfall iirc)


a little hero to protect your blog


Feeling lucky?

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*thinks abt resting my head on a girls lap & collapses*

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my dumb reddit meme got over 500 upvotes??? imma screeam

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the culprit

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A yokai I drew for a book about japanese demons
(A french anthologie of short stories)

Urban Legend 4/5

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by silver

i wanted so badly for there to be an alolan rapidash! nintendo dashed my dreams, but nobody can stop me from making my own! it's a psychic/fairy type :D