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i love romanticizing things in my life like whenever i go for a walk in the woods, i like to imagine that there are magical creatures out there who might whisk me away without a moment's notice if did some specific action that i wouldn't think to do. or maybe i might walk into a different realm and then walk right back out again without knowing. or maybe there are fairies watching me curiously or wishing me well, and i wouldn't even know it. or maybe, when i grasp the end of a branch and look away for a moment, it could become a caring hand that's holding me steady as i walk across a fallen log, but when i let go or look back it becomes a tree's branch again

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aseara has become atreera

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vibe check *blasts you with telekinetic energy*

pre-inktober spooky gal


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Inktober #19: Sling


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i think i will just sit in a hole

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thats what I'm TALKING ABOUT BABY!

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th way i doodle catz iz very :)

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these are the inktober prompts i'm using. no i do not take criticism

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hozier is a giant adorable fey

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i'm gonna make a story about angels *realizes i can't draw wings* wait no

while I try to figure out how to finish another drawing have a formal Imani.

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i LOVE art like this.

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you ever feel like the current human body you inhabit isn't enough? like you want to possess something More?

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put ur own art up on ur walls as an act of self love

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i may be the only one qualified to reorganize the chairs of a sinking ship

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I feel like I don’t take enough pictures of Megan, even tho she’s the one who sits with me the most. So here’s a picture of my baby.

Me, at the nurse because i feel terrible all other achey and sleep have swollen knees and feel downright terrible: maybe im faking?????????

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commission for a friend (who isn't on waterfall iirc)

a little hero to protect your blog

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