Mimi, She/Her, 16, follow my art waterfall-@novodust, when I say stuff the tag is #i speak!



My name is Mimi, She/Her pronouns, i'm 16! im fine with older ppl interacting just dont be weird.

Sometimes i forget to read bios to check dni and dont check whether im allowed to follow as a minor so like shoot me an ask if i fuck up, i dont mean to do it, i just burst follow sometimes!

follow my art waterfall @novodust

When I say stuff the tag is #i speak!

Here's a link to my main tumblr here and my art tumblr here

Here's stuff im into at the moment!

  • the adventure zone

  • the mcelroys in general tbh

  • mob psycho 100

  • AJJ

  • folk punk music in general now!