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*thinks abt resting my head on a girls lap & collapses*

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my dumb reddit meme got over 500 upvotes??? imma screeam

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the culprit

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- Teke Teke -

An urban legend about a girl who got bullied, then ended up falling on the train rail and died. Her legless body comes after people, asking about her legs and kill those who don't answer right. A yokai I drew for a book about japanese demons (A french anthologie of short stories)

Urban Legend 4/5

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i wanted so badly for there to be an alolan rapidash! nintendo dashed my dreams, but nobody can stop me from making my own! it's a psychic/fairy type :D

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i just want to bake cakes and make jewellery and perfumes and collect shiny rocks without having to turn it all into a profitable venture or exhaust myself WHY does capitalism exist

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hex reference (dark)

this is a cool android i made a couple months ago, i should draw it more ... pixelly art is fun

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Doodled a super fast taako last night cause I got my friend into taz haha

Make a kimetsu no yaiba OC for the hashtag going on twitter ^q^

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they put bees in minecraft

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oh no a baby

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What if... you asked me... about my ocs? aha ha, just kidding.. .. unless..?

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Wormsona.... ..

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this is lucrece, cecil's first (and only) kid and honestly quite a handful to deal with. they hate the cold and spend most of their time curled up around their Big Orca Dad's neck like a shiny mer necklace. you can blame them for shoal circadia being late to arrive in their summer arctic grounds and setting all the events in motion

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Raspberry and Stephanotis??

Raspberry: What mythical creature do you wish existed? i like mermaids

Stephanotis: What's your favorite type of weather? rainy because thats the only time its ever fucking cold

everyones clowning when they repour an ask game but when you start getting asks and you realise these are hard questions that youre not sure how to answer its a sobering experience of realisation that youre not ready to answer what your 3 hopes for the future are

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perpetually bored and empty but no energy to do anything abt it gang

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finally,,,,they're all here

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imagine having a functioning brain