oh to be a little gay cat

Mimi, She/Her, 17, follow my art waterfall-@novodust, when I say stuff the tag is #i speak!


oh boy i am struggling to find active ppl

the system is just find ppl on my dash and see who they reblog from right??

is there smth u guys tag the interact with if active posts as?



time to find ppl >:)

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ah thank you @star-rice !! :D do @'s work in replies time to find out!

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I check specifically the bloglist channel on the discord from time to time (most people don't stick around tho even if they do post in there ): ) but yeah, 99% of my finding people is looking at peeps who other reblogged or if a peep found me and liked/reblogged from me I check them out. I'm sure there are tags I could check to help find fandom peeps if I was in fandoms though. I imagine the art tag is pretty good too (since the search function will only show original posts and not reblogs).

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oh no i saw a post saying the discords rnt vibing anymore

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