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hey!!!!!!! fellow patho fan!!! and active user *finger guns* i'm not going anywhere. actually i run the entire tag bc that artist... is me! hahah we can talk abt it anytime, i'm queueing up sooo much stuff to the art blog right now, including more patho, so if you want i can tell u right when it's coming up in a couple days or so.

woah you do run the ENTIRE PATHO TAG!!!!!

thats very cool of you! :D! i put some doghead art i made of dogheads but imagine modern clothes on my account novodust ! I really like the dogheads!! i even have my own doghead cosplay im making! i have the base finished it just need to be recolored, and have the eyes and nose added! I love them! whos you fave character!

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:D! thanks!

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omggg okay! i just followed novodust from my art appreciation blog :) yes the dogheads are so cool and so cute and i want to protecc them so bad :'3 theyre just kids! stop fighting nooo put down the illegal knife T-T

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